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Priory Homecare Ltd

Preliminary Questions for potential interviewees

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Priory Homecare Limited



POSITION:                 Social Care Worker
ACCOUNTABLE TO:  The Registered Provider / Registered Manager
REPORT TO:               The Duty Care Manager
QUALIFICATIONS:      NVQ II desirable. All applicants must be willing to undertake NVQ II training if not already qualified.
1. To improve the client's living environment and promote independence whilst respecting the client's right of choice.
2. To ensure that a client's dignity and confidentiality is maintained at all times.
3. In accordance with PHC policies, a carer helps to ensure the client’s safety, comfort and welfare, and that the client's needs are met.
1. To carry out detailed specifications for each client as per the Care Plan and as per Priory Homecare policies and procedures. Duties can include but are not restricted to:
(a) Personal care (all parts of body, hair, nails, shaving, toileting etc.).
(b) Maintaining a clean living environment (including cleaning of commodes, bathrooms, carpets etc.).
(c) Preparation and cooking of nutritious food and drink.
(d) Shopping including handling and accounting for client's money.
(e) Provision of social interaction and support.
1. To have a positive and understanding approach and to work confidently, which should result in the client trusting his/her social care worker.
2. To be able to deduce problems and any changes within the client's environment and record the problem and report in accordance with Priory Homecare policies.
3. To maintain personal contact with clients through appropriate conversation and body language which should effectively promote our service.
4. To ensure that your own knowledge and practices meet standards set by the company. All Distance Learning papers must be completed and returned on time and Mandatory Training Sessions must be attended.
5. To ensure that the Professional Code of Conduct is adhered to at all times.
6. To be accountable for accurate reporting and record-keeping.


Benefits of working for


Priory Homecare Ltd. April 2018


1. Wages are paid every 4 weeks direct into your bank account.

 2. New Rates of Pay applicable from 02.04.18 (per hour) *

7am - 7pm Monday to Friday                       £7.90 (after 3 months increased to £8.00)

After 7pm Monday to Friday                        £8.17

7am - 7pm Saturday to Sunday                    £8.00 (after 3 months increased to £8.10)

After 7pm Saturday to Sunday                      £8.49

Wake & Watch                                               £8.17

Night Sleeper                                                  £7.83

 * For new carers under the age of 20, the following rates of pay apply for the first 3 months of employment:

7am - 7pm Monday to Friday                       £7.35 (after 3 months increased to £7.55)

After 7pm Monday to Friday                         £7.65

7am - 7pm Saturday to Sunday                     £7.45 (after 3 months increased to £7.65)

After 7pm Saturday to Sunday                      £7.75

Wake & Watch                                              £7.47

Night Sleeper                                                 £7.25

Care Workers who work every weekend, except holidays - £8.50 a shift

3 out of 4 weekends £8.20 7am – 7pm £8.49 After 7pm

Buddy workers 80p increment each shift

3. If you live more than 6 miles from your team area centre you will be paid a travel bonus of 15p per mile over and above the first 6 miles of travel from home to work and back.     E.g.  if you live 15 miles from your team area centre you will be paid 18 miles at 15p per mile (15 miles less first 6 miles = 9 miles, x 2 for return trip = 18 miles). Certain jobs in remote rural areas get extra travel time paid for.

All jobs include 10 minutes paid travelling time - i.e. a one-hour job includes 10 minutes travelling time and 50 minutes work time.

Petrol contribution of 40p per service provided.

4. 5 weeks + 3 days (pro-rata) paid holiday every year.

5. Priory Homecare has a Freephone number enabling staff to have unlimited free                  telephone access to the office 24 hours a day.

6. Priory Homecare is an "Investor in People" company. This guarantees our commitment to staff training and welfare.  An opportunity to develop your career is available with Skills for Care and Diploma in Health and Social care level 2 (mandatory) courses.        

7. All carers are allocated to one of our Line Managers, thus ensuring personal  contact and  support from a named coordinator. 

8. Priory promote carers to join our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ scheme, whereby you will       receive a taxable payment of £8.00 per month towards your existing personal mobile            phone scheme. Company mobiles are available if necessary. 

9. After 3 months you will automatically qualify to be considered for enrolment into the government NEST Pension Scheme, depending on your age and your earnings.
PHC Pension contribution is 2% of your wage, it is possible to pay extra into your pension fund.

10. After 3 months employment all carers benefit from an increase in the basic day rate of pay (see above).